Clean the thread and lint that be stuck on the felt pad (area pointed to in the picture to the left)


Rotate the blade up and out of the way.

NOTE: Blade can come out of place quite easily, so don't lose it!


Once you have cleaned this area and put the stitch plate back on, make sure your press the "OK" button on your machine to clear the error message from your screen.


Are you getting the message "Remove thread jams under plate" or thread suddenly jamming in your bobbin area causing nesting of stitches??  After using the automatic cutter, thread might get caught between the cutting blade and the felt sensor OR the cutting arm may not have gone back to its' proper position & cutter hook is sticking down and catching the threads.

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After you have cleaned area, you want your bobbin area & cutter to look like the pictures below - the picture on the left shows the cutting arm all the way to the left and in the picture to the right,  it shows the hook is up & out of the way when the cutter arm is all the way to the left.

When you take off your throat plate, clean out all of the threads and lint.

With your finger or screwdriver, move the cutter arm to the right.