​Current turnaround time is 8 weeks.

Additional Charges

An additional labour charge of $35 per hour will be added for any miscellaneous work (repairing seams, squaring up top or backing & piecing)

Custom Quilting

​Booking February 2018


A continuous line design that is quilted from one edge to the other covering the entire quilt, including borders

$3 per square foot + taxes

(minimum $50 charge)

long-arm quilting services & pfaff sales

Batting Prices

Hobbs 80/20 (96" wide) - $13.95 / m

Hobbs 80/20 (120" wide) - $15.95 / m

Bamboo (96" wide) - $14.95 / m

Poly (108" wide) - $10.95 / m

Machine Binding

Prepared binding is attached and is finished by machine

$0.09 per inch + taxes


Borders are given a unique design to set it apart from the center

$4.50 & up per square foot + taxes

(minimum $100 charge) 

services & pricing

quilting booking dates

Quilting prices are calculated on a square foot basis.  To find the square foot measurements of your quilt top, multiply the length in inches times the width in inches & divide by 144.


Is a combination of pantograph designs, block inserts, channel quilting and a variety of free-hand quilting including outlining, background fills & stitch-in-the-ditch

$10 per square foot + taxes

(minimum $150 charge)